Ponniyin Selvan Part 1
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పొన్నియిన్ సెల్వన్ - 1

Ponniyin Selvan Part 1


పొన్నియిన్ సెల్వన్ తమిళ మహారాజు రాజ రాజ చోళుడి జీవిత ప్రథమార్ధంలో చోటు చేసుకున్న కొన్ని ఘట్టలాధారంగా కల్కి కృష్ణమూర్తి వ్రాసిన అతి ప్రసిద్ధ నవల. దీనిని తెలుగు లోకి నాగరాజన్ కృష్ణమూర్తి అనువదించారు. 5 భాగాల్లో ఉన్న ఈ నవలను ఈబుక్ రూపంలో దాసుభాషితం యాప్ లో మీరు చదవచ్చు. శ్రవణ పుస్తకంగా కూడా త్వరలో విడుదలవుతుంది.
If you are wondering what is Ponniyin Selvan, well, it's one of the most famous historical novels written in Tamil by master story teller Kalki. It is about one of the most critical periods in the life of one of the greatest kings of South India, Raja Raja Chola, whose given name was Arulmozhi Varma. A few words about myself and how I got to translate Ponniyin Selvan to Telugu: my parents are (were) Tamilians. However, I was born and brought up in Andhra Pradesh and I studied in Telugu medium. That's how I came to know Telugu very well. From my mother, I learned to speak basic Tamil and during my school days I was fascinated by her collection of old 'Ananda Vikatan' weekly issues (1960s) and asked her to teach me to read Tamil. So, I got to learn to read Tamil and enjoyed reading those old magazine issues. Later, when in 1998, Kalki's Ponniyin Selvan started to be re-published in Kalki weekly magazine on the occasion of his birth centenary, my mother asked me to buy it for her regularly. I did and she would also ask me to take out each episode/chapter from the magazine and archive it for reading later again. So, I got the collection and kept it, mainly for her. I once attempted to read it, but couldn't understand even one line. Then, sometime in late 2011, a friend asked me to find out if there is an English translation of Ponniyin Selvan. I found out that such a translation exists and informed him about its availability. That's when my interest in Ponniyin Selvan was re-kindled. I took down the archive from the attic and started reading. Initially it was difficult as it's written in ancient Tamil and my Tamil is very basic. But once I got a hang of it, I just couldn't stop reading it until I finished it - of course it took me several months to read, just reading whenever I got some free time after my office work. After reading it, I wondered what could be done about it. The immediate thought was to translate it into the one Indian language I know well - Telugu - as I felt our Indian stories are best written and read and enjoyed in our languages. Thus started my journey of exploring both the languages and digging deep into the reservoirs of my knowledge of Telugu, which has been rusting for many decades now, and then translating the original into Telugu, without losing the essence of it. It took me about 4 years to do it, doing it whenever I would get some free time after my office work. It was one of the best experiences in my life and I am so happy that I chose to do this translation. This is the best historical novel AND the best suspense thriller I ever read and enjoyed. Kalki, the master story teller, would end most of the chapters with some suspense or a twist, to keep the reader's interest at a high! I immensely enjoyed reading it and enjoyed translating it equally! I hope you also will enjoy reading my Telugu version of it!
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